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              1. About Us
                Empower smart travel and share interesting life.
                About Jiangcheng Technology

                Hefei Jiangcheng Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Jiangcheng Technology), focused on the development of AR-HUD product technology at the beginning of its establishment, mainly engaged in HUD, CMS, transparent A-pillar, vehicle display assembly and other products. As the first national high-tech enterprise in China's automotive intelligent cockpit display industry, Jiangcheng Technology aims to be a pioneer and leader in mobile travel intelligent display applications.

                Professional R & D team

                Jiangcheng Technology specializes in automotive intelligent cockpit displays, driven by technological innovation. With an experienced team in optics, mechanics, electronics, software, and algorithms, they've developed the first large-scale AR-HUD and CMS for mass-produced vehicles. They've applied for nearly 100 patents, led HUD industry testing standards, and mastered multiple core technologies.

                AR-HUD technology leader

                Jiangcheng Technology is the first in China to offer an integrated AR-HUD product with AR navigation and ADAS features for real-world applications. Leveraging its experience, they've made breakthroughs in sun reflection avoidance, optical distortion correction, image ghosting control, multi-data AR fusion algorithms, and created an efficient, low-latency system platform.

                Jiangcheng Technology has a strong foothold in the industry, being the first domestic supplier with true mass production capabilities for mainstream technologies such as DLP, TFT, and LCOS. Their exclusively developed new generation TFT solution is the first in China to be designed, verified, and finally put into production based on HUD requirements, offering both high performance and cost-effectiveness.

                CMS technology pioneer

                Jiangcheng Technology, leveraging its advanced research, comprehensive quality management, and robust production capabilities, secured the first mandatory inspection report for indirect vision devices aligned with the new CMS regulations in May 2023. This marks the first Class III indirect vision device to successfully undergo rigorous testing based on the updated GB15084 standard.

                Intelligent display empower to travel safely

                Jiangcheng Technology has been awarded honors including "Specialized, Innovative, and Unique" SME in Anhui, innovative SME in Anhui, outstanding product at the 25th Hi-Tech Fair, and key enterprise in Hefei's AI & NEV industry chain.

                Jiangcheng will uphold its core values of depth, speed, attitude, and height, and continue to lead the development of intelligent display technology for mobile travel, enhancing safety and enriching the mobile experience.

                Smart Cockpit Solution Provider
                for Assisted Driving Safety

                Company video
                Company Culture
                Core Value
                • Depth
                  Study hard and
                  keep innovating
                • Speed
                  Continuous struggle and
                  efficient response
                • Attitude
                  Treat people with integrity and
                  dare to take responsibility
                • Height
                  Adhere to the dream and
                  grasp the future
                Let intelligent display empower safe travel and enrich the third space of mobile

                To be the creator and leader of mobile travel smart display applications

                Qualification Honor
                • 2023
                  Intelligent automobile industry TOP100 innovative enterprises
                • 2023
                  The 25th China International High-tech Fair Excellent Product Award
                • 2023
                  Anhui Province "specialized and special new" small and medium-sized enterprises
                • 2023
                  Anhui province innovative small and medium-sized enterprises
                • 2023
                  Golden Award for most growth value
                • 2023
                  The car heads up to display the HUD Innovation Excellence Award
                • 2023
                  Top 100 scale suppliers of intelligent automobile industry chain
                • 2022
                  Smart Car of the Year most investment value award
                • 2022
                  National high-tech enterprises
                • 2022
                  Became a key support enterprise of the "China Sound Valley R&D Industrialization" project
                • 2021
                  Realize the settlement of the key project "China Sound Valley" in Anhui Province
                • 2021
                  High-tech annual benchmark product & annual vehicle HUD high-growth supplier
                • 2021
                  The fifth batch of key enterprises in the artificial intelligence & new energy vehicle industry chain in Hefei
                • 2021
                  The key industrial enterprises in Hefei
                • 2021
                  Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Recognition in Hefei
                • 2021
                  "Creating China" Second Prize of Anhui Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Recognition of Hefei City's Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
                • 2018
                  Electronics Fair Gold Award of Hongkong