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All commercials attempt to get our attention and then ‘hook’ some desire or need of their target audience. One of the most common ways they do this is to link into instructions we were given as children and piggy-back on these early messages to create identification & desire.

There are FIVE miniscripts or DRIVERS that correspond to important early messages about life: the first of these is: BE STRONG, a message given by many parents and schools, particularly to boys. A typical form is ‘big boys don’t cry!’ said to so many of us by grown ups or peers when we were small.

When we grow up this message is played out by being cool, doing your own thing and not fearing or noticing the disapproving looks around you.

There are many such commercials, mainly for masculine brands that try to connect with this driver. This Levis 501’s is a genuine classic. I will post the sexy Umbro ad, ‘The Game Comes First’ – another Be Strong script – in a few days time.

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