Breakthrough Psychology


Everybody who has a product or an idea to sell also has a vested interest in human psychology.

What makes us laugh?
What makes us cry?
(And, in the end, what makes us buy?)

But getting to the authentic truth of people’s lives and beliefs is no simple task.

For 50 years, my work has centred around this challenge as I worked at market research and then organisational change. In the process, I have become adept at applying psychology’s best ideas to commercial problems.

The Langmaid Practice has evolved a set of principles and practices that help us see further, go deeper and reach insights and understandings which other techniques cannot match. When applied, these insights help organisations to change and grow effectively.

These are the ideas that form the backbone of Breakthrough Psychology.

Breakthroughs make possible things that are impossible now.

The core idea behind Breakthrough Psychology is simple:
do things differently if you want to discover new insights.

We call this way of working ‘abnorming’. That means resisting the common urge to conform and norm. Breakthrough Psychology offers a set of tools and techniques for doing things differently.

There are three core principles in Breakthrough Psychology: in addition to abnorming, the other two are disinhibition and co-creation.

We continually underestimate the pressure to adopt established procedures and ways of thinking that maintain the status quo. In my experience of thousands of focus groups run by me or other pros in this business, I am astonished by the degree of conformity among us all. We sit in a box, are watched by people from another box (the viewing room) and go through a pre-arranged programme which we then repeat session after session. This is more like routine than research. In our meetings we talk endlessly about ‘getting outside the box’ – and then promptly plonk ourselves back in it!

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