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I feel shocked and disappointed. My wife is in tears. My family in Scotland all voted remain – as did my beloved home town. So why am I down? Perhaps it’s because my will did not prevail. I thought I had the right judgment, but many didn’t agree.

I notice below the shock and disappointment a sort of Londoner’s Blitz spirit emerging. I will simply renew my efforts for my family, friends and colleagues – and we will get through this and become stronger. I am still a Citizen of the World and of Europe. It’s my choice who and what I identify with, not Brexiters’.

It remains to be seen whether their choice to ‘take back control’ gives the citizens of Sunderland, Hartlepool, Birmingham etc. more power or not. I suspect that their moment in the sun has already passed, and as the UK shrinks in its potency, theirs will be a smaller part of a smaller whole. Can’t see Farage manning the pumps to help out the Geordies, can you? He’s the guy down the pub with a pint, just getting ready to go and help with the real work – a bit later!

Equality cannot be a result of a ballot. Laws and principles are needed to re-organise distribution of wealth and there is a Tory Government, devoted to Free Market Economics (Or Winner Takes All Economics), who have been stripping communities of their resources while big business hoards its cash. They’ll need £,0000000000’s to pay for the huge reorg in withdrawal from a 40 year relationship, besides which the cost of the recent ‘Landsdowne’ NHS re-organisation will pale into significance.

Who’s going to pay? Why, the citizens with the least power of course…who voted for it. Whoops!



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