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The image shows the position of the British political parties in the post-Brexit landscape. I have redrafted the UK situation from a pan-European study to make it more legible. You can find the source study for all political parties across Europe here: apologies for the tiny text: it is relatively raw data:


It shows quite clearly the move towards populism, principally exemplified in the UK by UKIP and the Conservatives. The paper from which this analysis is drawn is here and includes Donald Trump in the discussion:

Trump, Brexit, and the Rise of Populism – Harvard University

The Nazis came and went long ago, did they not? Surely it could never happen again?  Before you dismiss this idea, have a look at these two films made recently in Europe.

The film above is a compilation using exactly the tactics I mentioned in my post on Populism here, That tactic is to clump all who are non white together, to create an amorphous threatening mass out of people from more than 100 nationalities and cultures, all of them minorities in whichever European country they are.

Then to redefine words to give them new meanings which are false: diversity apparently means ‘chase down’!

Interestingly the film conveniently forgets that the USA is not originally a white nation. No, the white immigrants systematically exterminated or herded up the native population.

The second film, from November 2015, obviously a small-time effort, nonetheless chilling in its advocation of violence to solve this problem and take out the elected politicians and the immigrants.

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